Machine Learning Summer School 2021


Standard Program

Open from August 1-31, 2021

Poster Session

Session 1

ID First Name Last Name Title of Poster
SS01 Alexandru Mara
CSNE: Conditional Signed Network Embedding
SS15 Heng-Jui Chang
Towards Lifelong Learning of End-to-end Automatic Speech Recognition
SS19 Hao Hsu
SDNet: Improving Missing Depth Value by Sequential Depth Network
SS21 Hung-Ting Su
Multi-modal Video Comprehension and Beyond
SS22 Emese Sukei
Predicting emotional state using behavioural markers derived from passively sensed data
SS27 Igor Morawski
Object Detection under Low-Light Conditions
SS36 Ola Rønning
EinStein VI: General and Ingegrated Stein Variational Inference
SS40 Azqa Nadeem
Explainable Sequential ML for cybersecurity: A case of attacker strategy discovery
SS53 Hsuan Su
Put Chatbot into Its Interlocutors Shoes: New Framework to Learn Chatbot Responding with Intention
SS61 Kirill Solovev
Machine Learning for Real Estate: Extracting complex information from floor plans
SS69 Daniël Vos
Adversarially Robust Decision Tree Learning
SS71 Maximilian Thiessen
Active Learning Convex Halfspaces on Graphs

Session 2

ID First Name Last Name Title of Poster
Look, Listen, and Diagnose: A deep learning-based comprehensive Parkinson’s disease evaluation system with 3D point cloud and acoustic features
SS24 Lucas Miranda
deepOF: self-supervised extraction of behavioral motifs from motion tracking data
SS33 Swapneel Mehta
COVID Modeling and Control with Policy Interventions using Probabilistic Programs
SS38 Jayneel Parekh
A Framework to Learn with Interpretation
SS45 Usman Anwar
Inverse Constrained Reinforcement Learning
SS51 yoosof mashayekhi
Quantifying and Reducing Imbalance in Networks
SS57 Xiaoran Liang
Machine Learning for Causal Inference: Agglomerative Hierarchical Clustering Method for Selecting Valid Instrumental Variables
SS58 Chuin Hong Yap
3D-CNN for Facial Micro- and Macro-expression Spotting on Long Video Sequences using Temporal Oriented Reference Frame
SS60 Chen-Hao Hsiao
Joint Clustering and Ranking from Heterogeneous Pairwise Comparisons
SS66 Yining Juan
HIVE: Hierarchical Information Visualization for Explainability

Session 3

ID First Name Last Name Title of Poster
SS12 Sushil Thapa
An Effective Baseline for Out-of-Distribution Detection using Abstention
SS17 Liang Yuan Wu
Code-Switching Text Data Augmentation
SS39 Dennis Hernando Núñez Fernández
Prediction of Tuberculosis using U-Net and segmentation techniques
SS44 Sangwoong Yoon
Autoencoding Under Normalization Constraints
SS50 Yen-Chieh Liao
Electoral Incentives and Porks: Exploring Parliamentary Questions Using Convolutional Neural Networks
SS55 Abdul Waheed
Analyzing the Domain Robustness of Pretrained Language Models – Layer by Layer
SS56 Chadi Helwe
Reasoning with Transformers: Deep Learning, but Shallow Reasoning
SS63 Kholoud AlGhamdi
Learning to Recommend Items to Wikidata Editors
SS65 Yu Heng Hung
Reward-Biased Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Linear Stochastic Bandits
SS70 Wei Hung
Escaping from Zero Gradient: Revisiting Action-Constrained Reinforcement Learning via Frank-Wolfe Policy Optimization

Session 4

ID First Name Last Name Title of Poster
SS05 Zhiyin Tan
Text-based Personality Prediction
SS07 Milton, Chi-Chong Wong
Efficient Outdoor 3D Point Cloud Semantic Segmentation for Critical Road Objects and Distributed Contexts
SS23 Hannes Stärk
Light Attention Predicts Protein Location from the Language of Life
SS26 Priyanka Kumari
A QSRR modeling of small pharmaceutical compounds in Reverse Phase Liquid Chromatography
SS29 Chi-Chun Louis Tiao
Bayesian Optimization by Classification
SS30 Naoufal ACHARKI
Heterogeneous Treatment Effects: When Machine Learning meets multiple treatments regime
SS42 Armanda Lewis
Bias detection and interpretability in multilingual corpora
SS43 Kuan Po Huang
One Shot Learning for Speech Separation
SS46 Seemant Tiwari
Study Of Fuzzy Clustering For Wind Power Forecasting Model
SS54 Egor Shulgin
ADOM: Accelerated Decentralized Optimization Method for Time-Varying Networks
SS62 Lennart Schneider
Model-Based Neural Architecture Search for Resource Related Diversity
Model bias and its impact on computer-aided diagnosis: A data-centric approach